Dan Von Gin

Name: Daniel Von Gin
Age: 10 (current)
Birthday: January 31st, 3205
Hometown: Junglira
Theme Song: Wth>You by Linkin Park
The leader of a new group of heroes, Dan gets thrust into adventure by the unexpected arrival of a pair of mysterious creatures. Great...

Thomas Sparx

Name: Thomas "Nanu" Sparx
Age: 10 (current)
Birthday: April 7th, 3205
Hometown: Solea
Theme Song: Supersonic by Bad Religion
The quickfooted Thomas is ready to face a new threat with his amazing speed... or he would be if he were more serious.

Jason O'Waterfalls

Name: Jason O'Waterfalls of Suburbia
Age: 9 (current)
Birthday: Februrary 24th, 3206
Hometown: Suburbia (birthplace) Aquaria (residense)
Theme Song: Green Day by Green Day
While not bright, Jason's insightful sayings are mysterious. No, seriously, they are. No one knows what the hell he's talking about half the time.

 Other Characters:

Ruckus O'Waterfalls - Jason's "Genius" uncle.
Black Creatures - The footsoldiers of a mysterious army
The Unknown Master - Just who is pulling the strings here, anyway?!

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